The Girl in My Wallet is a compelling story of how one woman overcame cycles of abuse, addiction, and incarceration to become a highly successful business owner and live a deeply fulfilling life. Teresa followed the only role models she had, which led to a life driven by drugs, a misdirected search for love, and ultimately homelessness and incarceration. She shares her mindset every step of the way out of that cycle. Thought patterns that may seem ridiculous to others were her truth.

Only when she’d experienced enough pain did she become willing to change. New beliefs became the basis for new behaviors. With new role models in place and a willingness to step into the unknown, she reunited with her son, went on to a successful career and entrepreneurship, and leads a deeply fulfilling life.

As her life experiences became classroom lessons at prisons and shelters, she began to understand that compiling the information would make it available to more people. Written as inspiration for women rising out of dire circumstances, it is having a far-reaching impact on the internal dialog that holds many of us back.

If you are wondering why you or someone you love continues to make baffling life decisions and poor choices, Teresa offers a peek behind the curtain of just how and why that can happen. Her transparent view into her own life offer hope to those trying to change and encouragement to those trying to help them.

“The Girl in My Wallet” is a raw look into mental strongholds that once acknowledged and worked through can set you free.

“Nickell tells the story of her long road through addiction and abuse in this inspirational debut memoir…A stirring account of a hard life and hard work.” Kirkus Reviews