About the Author

Teresa followed the only role models she had which led to a life driven by drugs, a misdirected search for love, and ultimately homelessness and incarceration. She shares her mindset every step of the way out of that cycle. Thought patterns that may seem ridiculous to others were her truth. Only when she’d experienced enough pain did she become willing to change. New beliefs became the basis for new behaviors.

With new role models in place and a willingness to step into the unknown, she went onto a successful career and entrepreneurship. Teresa has now turned back to encourage those who believe there is no hope

Book Reviews

I knew I desperately want to share these pages with the women I minister to.  Thank you for having the courage to obey and share this message.
– Debbie B.

I appreciated your sharing the understanding that although patience is needed when working with people who are so wounded, it can make an ultimate difference. There were ideas I can personally apply and suggestions to inspire, prompt, equip us to minister to people who are in terrible situations.
– Jenny H.

 I like what you wrote about abortion. There is just too much yelling.
– Jennifer

My brother died of a heroin overdose. After reading your book, I understand it wasn’t my fault. Thank you.
– Karen